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will face drought situation. Energy Needs of Pakistan by 2025 kistans economy is undergoing significant changes since 1998-99; the improvements made in the macroeconomic indicators are, in particular, noteworthy. The full hydel power generation capacity cannot be utilized locally. Also physics english term papers by failing to institute modern irrigation and farming practices we have been responsible for wasting water, the most precious gift of the nature. In this method, yield on individual field may be less by 5-10 per cent but overall production in the command area will be more by 50 per cent (Hanumantha Rao, 2001). E Data on Water ch of the confusion has risen because wapda in past has been presenting different data about water flows at different occasions. C.Water for past 20 years hydropower share has already reduced from 60. F.Approximately 44 MAF of sub surface water can be used for agriculture. This paper covers the issue of water management in its entirety. Water resources management in India.

In Malaysia 28 saving in water use was achieved when they changed from practice of transplanting rice to wet seeded rice. Recognizing the need for decentralized irrigation management, the first national Water Policy (1987) called for farmers' participation in irrigation management. 11.Water sharing and Management Contentious issues and ways of Rapprochement, Research paper by a syndicate of National Institute of Public Administration Lahore. Current Utilization of the River Water. Part IV recommendations.Diversification of Energy a current unhealthy energy mix of oil, gas and hydel power there is a need to increase the share of hydel, coal and nuclear energy.

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In this method, the rain from rooftop is fed into tank through a pipe for meeting domestic needs. 15 M Afzal, Water for Agriculture, Paper on Pakistan water vision,1999 16 The Water Accord 1991. Charging the fee for irrigation water through installation of water meters will help in persuading the farmers in conserving water through more economical methods like sprinkle or drop irrigation. Water Requirement for Growing kistan has.9 Mha cultivable area out of which.76 Mha is under cultivation, but only.09 Mha of this area is canal irrigated. For comparative purposes, the requirement for agriculture will be around 50 MAF at the farm gate assuming 25 increase in yields. Kistans river flows are subject to great seasonal variations. Of this,.11 MAF on average are diverted during the kharif period, while.63 MAF are diverted during the rabi period. In the last 14 years, the transport sector saw the largest use of petroleum products with a share.7 per cent. Kistans irrigation efficiency is quite low (35.5).

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