are parents to blame for childhood obesity essay

offering academic, cognitive, emotional, physical, and social benefits (Ramstetter, Garner, 2010). When it comes to the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States, parents should take some of their own advice and realize that they need to fix the mistakes they are making in guiding their childrens nutrition. Parents could eliminate eating as much fast food by making fresh homemade meals. Education in schools is focused more on academics, and the "physical" has gone out of education. Parents could also purchase more fruits and vegetables. Completely ignoring factors like metabolism and the types of foods children are eating, ITF says a survey it conducted among 1,000 parents found that upwards of 80 percent of them are routinely serving too-large portions of popular foods, beverages and treats to their children,. Some of these are 100 calorie packs of a variety of snacks.

Several internal and external factors contribute to childhood obesity ; however, many people believe that parents are primarily to blame for obese.
Childhood obesity is a problem.
It is a function of the foods children eat both at home and at school.

Sources for this article include:. In this paper, these parenting practices and their relation to childhood obesity will be addressed. There are several theories to try to explain or to just shift the blame for the problem. Natural News, grow Box system. Seven out of 10 parents surveyed admitted to giving their children too many snack chips to keep them pacified, while more than one-third indicated that they routinely give their children entire bags of crisps in one sitting roughly twice the recommended amount. The Problem: Input.

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