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Lewellen Family Papers, 18631886. Lee concern the secession crisis in Virginia, military operations in western Virginia (now.) in 1861, Lee's service in South Carolina, the manumission of Custis family slaves in 1862, and Lee's indictment for treason by a Norfolk grand jury in June 1865. Presidential election and brief mention of troop movements in the Bermuda Hundred area). Lee concerning, in part, complaints of Confederate soldiers regarding the visits of officers' wives to military posts (d1 a description of Traveller,. A photocopy of a letter, 20 September 1861, from John Leyburn (18341867) of the 1st Rockbridge Artillery Battery to his sister describing, in detail, life in camp near Fairfax Court House. (18431914 offering recollections of his experiences with his father during the war (section 19 and a morning report, 14 February 1862, for the 7th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment (section 20). Lee, primarily regarding personnel transfer requests and Confederate troop movements (Section 22 reports sent to Lee concerning units in the Confederate armies and their operations in western Virginia (section 23 special orders issued by Lee (section 24 special orders issued to Lee by the Confederate. If she believed in the student, he or she was called by name. Though I worked for 15 years as an independent college-applications counselor all over the United States and Europe with students whose parents thought nothing of flying me in every weekend to try to make Harvard say yes nowhere was the college-admissions race more competitive than.

Military records compiled over his career by Robert. Written by or addressed to Lee and his staff members, the materials cover a wide range of subjects including logistics, military engagements, enemy troop movements, and morale.

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Contee, while stationed in Wytheville, concerning the destruction by Union forces of a portion of the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad between Lynchburg and Liberty (now Bedford City and his role in the defense of Wytheville against Union attack in December 1864; a letter, from Richard. Her parents wanted more than anything to protect her, to give essay what you contribute to the field her the world. Section 1 consists of Lancaster's wartime correspondence with the following individuals: George. Civil War materials consist of a letter, from James Pleasants (18311898) of the Hampden Artillery Battery to James Kendall Lee (18291861) of the 1st Virginia Infantry Regiment concerning artillery training in Richmond and news of fellow artillerists Joseph White Latimer (18431863 William Henderson Caskie (18341900. Taylor, of Robert.