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Thumbnail Dimensions User Comment current 04:51, 3,324 2,159 (3.1 MB) Junkyardsparkle ( ) int:filedesc Information descriptionen1'Title 'U.S. The Sheriffs wife cooked them both dinner and gave McCarran a place to sleep it off for the night. Pat McCarran was known for dispensing thousands of favors to the so-called little people whom he understood so well. Senator a favor many years ago, when McCarran was just a young lad. This behavior continued as a young man. I wish we could move more quickly, but when youre talking about billions and billions of dollars, its not that easy to finalize the project. He had an administration policy that was never broken.

McCarrans plan was to break Greenspun forever. His support of Nevada mining, ranching and gaming helped shape the future of our great State.

McCarran replied, No, you have your personnel director come to Washington, and he can do the interview right here in my office. His legacy is controversial, but the one thing that is undisputable, Pat McCarran was always on the side of Nevada. File usage on other wikis The following other wikis use this file: Usage. The action taken was not always favorable to the letter writer, but the Nevadan would always know where Pat McCarran stood within twenty-four hours. McCarran without hesitation picked up the phone and called Pan American Airlines and asked for the chairman of the board. Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, which likes the idea of using a name like Las Vegas International Airport to extend the citys brand abroad. He never forgot a favor. Its not a decision Im going essays philosophy of education to make, but if you ask me to give my opinion, I dont think his name should be on anything. History of Las Vegas, in, las Vegas: Wartime and early postwar growth. There are many Pat McCarran stories.