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constitute the hypotheses that define the strategy". Journal of Modelling in Management. 1, the phrase 'balanced scorecard' primarily refers to a performance management report used by a management team, and typically this team is focused on managing the implementation of a strategy or operational activities - in a recent survey 1 62 of respondents reported using Balanced.

International Journal of Medical Marketing. Strategy and Structure: Chapters in the History of the American Enterprise. A b c d Malina,. Kaplan and David rton 7 proposed a simple design method for choosing the content of the Balanced Scorecard based on answers to four generic questions about the strategy to be pursued by the organization. Journal of Business Strategy. These four questions, one about finances, one about marketing, one about processes, and one about organizational development evolved quickly into a standard set of "perspectives" Financial "Customer "Internal Business Processes "Learning Growth. In practice it ignored the fact that opportunities to intervene, to influence strategic goals are, and need to be, anchored in current and real management activity. This focus was maintained through subsequent revisions. A b c Elefalke, K (2001). As the title of Kaplan and Norton's second book 16 highlights, even by 2000 the focus of attention among thought-leaders was moving from the design of Balanced Scorecards themselves, towards the use of Balanced Scorecard as a focal point within a more comprehensive strategic management.