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in the mid-1970s. "If a woman values having a period and having a regular period, that's the only person that I would probably counsel away from the implant Pesci said. Pesci, MD, clinical instructor, ob/gyn, and family planning specialist in the. You might get irregular bleeding or spotting, and your period can get longer, shorter, or disappear altogether. One should also exercise caution when considering the implant as a form of contraception if you have one of the following: Diabetes High cholesterol A Seizure Disorder There are many warning signs that may be indicative of a health complication. What Is the Birth Control Implant? Associated Press/Merck, the 27-year-old teacher, for instance, said she couldn't confidently attribute any side effects to the implant itself. The implant has several prominent advantages over other forms of contraception. Removal of a contraceptive implant from a woman's arm. The Handbook of Contraception: A Guide for Practical Management (2nd.).

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Although this is a high cost upfront, the implant is very cost effective since it prevents pregnancy for up to three years. If you are right-handed, it would be placed into your left arm) so that any resulting tenderness in the few days following the procedure does not affect your daily activities. Cities later that year. Here's what you need to know: The implant is more than 99 effective and lasts four years. The birth control implant, placed under the skin of the arm, is more than 99 effective and lasts up to four years. Contraceptive Technology Innovation Exchange. It will be effective for up to three years, and can be removed at any time. .