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uptight, over-invested parents" (Rosin, 2011). By Hanna Rosin, Amy Chau is a Wimp by David Brooks and In the Eye of the Tiger by Meghan Daum. Successful Children Of Society Essay 930 words - 4 pages released and the authors shared their own responses about their parenting techniques and criticized Chaus own. Chua has the diagnosis of American childhood exactly backward. Theres authoritarian parenting which follows a set of strict rules and doesnt necessarily nurture the child; apathetic towards their emotions, demanding a sort of blind obedience from the child. They do not see the point of freedom when keeping them to high-standards and strict rules will ensure that failure isnt an option. Amy Chua and William Zinnser 1097 words - 4 pages. Children Need only 3 Things.

Authoritarian parenting would disagree with this tactic. 1636 words - 7 pages is the author of The Wall Street Journal Amy Chuas Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior, and author and educator Rick Ackerly of the Superior Parenting? Eventually he came up to me, patted my short essay on international tiger day head and said "kitty kat" with benevolent condescension. There are four main types of parenting styles. Chua explains how Western parents worry more about how their kids are going.

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