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stories or poems that we have read for the class. Literary criticism is not an abstract, intellectual exercise; it is a natural human response to literature. It is a theme of a mysterious unity of a universe. The use of " you " is NOT allowed. For example, the building has humans features as he said, vacant eye-like windows. Some transitions that could be used in this essay are: also, another, not t, while. To speak about the first code which is hermeneutic one, it is concerned with enigma, puzzle or unanswered question. This personification of the house relates to his belief that the unique and ghastly atmosphere around the house shares the same sentience. He only gives us partial answers such as I know not how it was but is was a mystery and it was beyond our depth.

Some sample directions to take your paper in:. Were the choices the characters in the story/poem made good choices? This type of literary criticism recognizes that like writing, reading is a creative process. This essay can be written as a process essay, a compare/ contrast essay, an argumentativc essay, a cause and effect essay or an exemplification or definition essay. Restate Points state Thesis. Reader Response Theory specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Reader Response Theory specifically for you. This is still the important part, folks. Reader Response Theory or any similar topic specifically for you.