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attempt to essentialize a candidate through a single, short essay. (This is not a perfect methodology by any means, and sometimes it wont reveal much but in most cases it can be a useful tool to at least nudge you in the right direction.). Tell us about a creative solution you designed Tell us about a shortcut you and a team could have taken, but decided not to If we asked your colleagues about your weakness and strengths, what would they say? At New York Universitys Stern School of Business, applicants have the option of answering one required essay question, using video, artwork, or other media in place of the traditional essay.

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Imagine that you meet up with a member of the admission committee at an airport while on a layover. Learn about Video Questions and the Interview. During the 2012-13 application cycle, Yale asked four essay questions. Admissions Director Bruce DelMonico says Yale, which experimented with video in 2011 and again this year, is making it part of the application for all applicants starting with the 2013-14 application cycle. For the first and third question youll be given 20 seconds to think about your response and then 60 seconds to answer. The questions you will be asked are not brainteasers or riddles; rather, they represent another medium to get to know you better.

Our video questions will resemble questions you could be asked in any standard interview. International applicants for the FullTime MBA program must apply by March 08, 2010. Analysis: First thing you need to do is develop a sense of whats interesting about you not just to yourself, but to others as well. For your final 100-150 words, make a case for why that stuff was necessary to communicate. Please respond to the following statement: Without Arts, an education can not be accomplished Do you agree or disagree? While I cant give you the questions ahead of time (what fun would that be? What defines you the most? If youre a born leader (and thats high on your list from our exercise lead with that: The battlefield looks different from a TV screen at an airport than it does from the inside of a tank.