essays sports violence

inhuman and risky. On-the-field violence is related to a number of things including over-conformity to the norms gannon admissions essay of the sport ethic, commercialization, and masculinity. Coaches, parents and players are being instructed to win at all cost, these tactics are then being glorified by the media and supported by the fans as good entertainment. Situations that may spark violence in a sports event include: fans heckling players, questionable calls by officials, and players egos. Wrestling is another dangerous sport that involves grappling techniques. The real debate is who is responsible for its continuous existence. With violence being so prominent in sports today the love of the game is being over shadowed by the need to win.

Letters and phone calls would be made to the parents of the student body letting them know that any conduct that is deemed out of order would be handled by the police officers on duty at the game nd the school would bring charges against. Aggressive sports such as football and hockey involve many aggressive tactics; however far too often do these aggressive tactics become overshadowed by deliberate acts of violence with the intent to cause bodily harm to an opponent. Sports have become an acceptable way for athletes to release pent-up aggression. There would definitely be a meeting among the coaches involved with our team to clearly explain expectations of the players and staff. Media outlets are glamorizing athletes that are usually the aggressive and violent ones on a daily basis. Where is the line drawn among players, fans, and media? Never, under any circumstances is violence good.