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in the four-walls of her house. Family planning will not only improve family welfare, but also contribute to achieving social prosperity and personal happiness. These comparisons will help to put India's population problems in perspective. Free Software Foundation, Inc (Virginia Tech, 1994).

Reference Copied to Clipboard. There was abundance of programs that the government initiated under the anti-poverty and employment development aspects which was able to help the reduction of poverty ratios in the country. By reducing the gap, they also develop other means of livelihood. Early marriage : Child marriage is one of the major social problems of our country. The dominance of agricultural interventions and irrigation activities has increased the volume of water logging and most importantly the salination of the soil. Improvement in public health services : It is necessary to pay attention to public health and cleanliness to increase mans economic capacity. Per capita availability of agricultural Land 1950., source: (Mukhopadhyay, 2012) Despite the increasing number of intervention being imposed by the government of India to address the declining per capita the increasing state of population has been hindering. We need to make people aware about benefits and ways of family planning in order to overcome the problem of overpopulation. Overpopulation Solutions, preventing the rapid growth of the population is the key to the victory over poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, economic backwardness, etc in the modern world.

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