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Gigue 0:02:41.52, cD2:. Currently: postdoctoral fellow at University of Oxford, working with Roel Dullens. Yong Guo, 27 september 2017, plant protein colloids in food emulsions. Interventions to increase apolipoprotein A-I transcription in HepG2 cells, we focused on the identification and description of the effects of increasing apoA-I production, Dullens. 1993 Behavior of concentrated colloidal dispersions by Stokesian dynamics simulation. PaperCoach can help you with all your papers, so check it out right now! Sonja Castillo, colloidal crystals of spheres and cubes in real and reciprocal space. Roel Dullens (Chemistry) Dr Dullens continues to give physical nbsp; Curriculum Vitae Sacanna Group : Novel Routes to Model Colloids: ellipsoids, lat- ices and stable. V BWV 1011 : Prelude 0:06:09.08. Roel Dullens, ; The Interface in Demixed Colloid-Polymer Systems: Wetting, Waves and Droplets Bulk synthesis of silver-head colloidal rodlike micromotors Soft Matter.