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caching. Representations rest components perform actions on a resource by using a representation to capture the current or intended state of that resource and transferring that representation between components. In other words, there may exist two or more different URI that have equivalent semantics when used to access a server. We do not go into detail here, but we describe what should be in the dissertation introduction chapter of your dissertation. This chapter describes the experience elements of research paper writing and lessons learned from applying rest while authoring the Internet standards for the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http) and Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI the two specifications that define the generic interface used by all component interactions on the Web, as well. This is really more of a "content selection" process than negotiation.

The first is that a designer starts with nothing-a blank slate, whiteboard, or drawing board-and builds-up an architecture from familiar components until it satisfies the needs of the intended system. Rest has been applied to describe the desired Web architecture, help identify existing problems, compare alternative solutions, and ensure that protocol extensions would not violate the core constraints that make the Web successful. At the same time, independent developers such as myself began developing protocol libraries for languages and platforms not yet supported by the cern code. Brokered RMI adds name service indirection and a few other tricks, but the interface is basically the same. Another conflict with the resource interface of rest occurs when software attempts to treat the Web as a distributed file system. The restriction is that the server cannot use those optional features of the higher-level protocol which are forbidden to be sent to such an older-version client. There are applications of http and URI that do not match the application model of a distributed hypermedia system. The reason that this does not make for a protocol maximum is that applications within a controlled context (such as an intranet) can avoid those limits by replacing the older components.

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Rest has been used both as a means to define architectural improvements and to identify architectural mismatches. In other words, any concept that might be the target of an author's hypertext reference must fit within the definition of a resource. Writing the dissertation section-by section can help. For a browser application, this state corresponds to a "web page including the primary representation and ancillary representations, such as in-line images, embedded applets, and style sheets. Here, you provide the reader with a road map. 5.3.1 Process dialogues and essays View A process view of an architecture is primarily effective at eliciting the interaction relationships among components by revealing the path of data as it flows through the system. For you, they will create a brief and accurate conclusion chapter, adhering to the research questions and the hypothesis.

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