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their status and application are born out of the foundation and fundamental processes of majority rule. Democracy goes hand in hand with education and self-government. Goethe, democracy must be recommended as the best form of government because What is the best government? There is definitely exploitation of one class by another. So Jawaharlal Nehru complained The speed of change in a democracy is obviously somewhat slower. Actually the opposition party works as the mirror of the government and enables the government to correct the wrongs. If intolerance becomes a habit we run the risk of missing the truth. There stricted norms of secrecy are demanded and adhered to in public interests.

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Even the Marxist leaders, who are upper caste Hindus, yoke caste and communism together instead of trying to abolish the former. The internet makes it easier to organise and agitate; in a world where people can participate in reality-TV votes every week, or support a petition with the click of a mouse, the machinery and institutions of parliamentary democracy, where elections happen only every few years. More fundamentally, democracy lets people speak their minds and shape their own and their childrens futures. Democracy is a Myth without Economic Equality: It implies that there must be an economic democracy for the success of political democracy. It is pointed out that, by keeping an intermediate body between the people and the government, a representative democracy or indirect democracy establishes a gap between the people and the government. However, it must be conceded that rule by the majority is by no means not necessarily democratic in practice, given that all such systems depend on votes actually cast and counted.

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