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that threatens a nation or its people either through identity or establishment may diminish the good governance practices of a nation. Lack of employee participation in and knowledge of the public institutions decisionmaking criteria. In order to obtain an unfair advantage, governments and government officials may apply any number of methods to abuse their power over the citizens. What a shameful problem. While these lists represent the worst offenders, it's important to keep in mind that no nation is free from corruption. Without oversight and transparency of budget and rules, national resources may be plundered and power may be abused in favor of the corrupt official only.

Also, many countries are the recipients of development aid, which might cause politicians who seek an unfair advantage to earmark this funding towards their particular cause. None fared particularly well on low-corruption rankings, with Namibia being the closest as the 54th least corrupt country in the world. The corruption level in the country made the country the country the 9th most corrupt country in the year 2013.

Lack of internal systems to assure relative transparency, monitoring and accountability in the design and execution of public policies. As a result, ordinary citizen rights are lost and public resources are often plundered for the personal gain of the public officials. Essentially, when a government is ineffectual, it is considered to be corrupt. As if the estimate was not enough, 92 of the surveyed citizens of the country lamented that the police force of the country is corrupt. Even in less difficult times, the institutions and policies of government may undermine how well the government carries out its work. Witnesses testified about the challenging conditions facing citizens of Equatorial Guinea, as well as the need for France to stop itself becoming a haven for stolen assets.". As the units thereafter will explain, this step will help to make focused and measurable changes and improvements to corruption when those mechanisms are enacted. Therefore, poor governments are a product of sick institutions, or institutions that function poorly because of inadequate resources or bad policies and procedures. In addition, it is also caused by the desire for an unfair advantage, and the knowledge that one will not be caught or punished for corrupt behavior. Introducing policies that allow for greater oversight would help to assure that power were balanced and no one person would be making all of the political decisions. Transparency International published article on the case in July 2017. Incentives also come into the picture when salaries are so low that people cannot meet the basic living standards for food and housing.

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Development has been a cause for concern among developing countries.
Perspecti ve has been obtained on the reasons why corruption persists in so many.
Corruption has caused so many harms to many nations.
It has its causes and can als o be reduce when good solutions are applied.

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